Fiore, S. M., Smith-Jentsch, K. A., Salas, E., Warner, N., & Letsky, M. (2010). Towards an understanding of macrocognition in teams: developing and defining complex collaborative processes and products. Theoretical Issues in Ergonomics Science, 11(4), 250-271. 


One of the significant challenges for the burgeoning field of macrocognition is the development of more sophisticated models that are able to adequately explain and predict complex cognitive processes. This is even more critical when specifying research questions involving cognition unfolding across interacting individuals, that is, macrocognition in teams. In this article, we provide a foundation for developing a model of macrocognition focusing on collaborating problem-solving teams with a measurement framework for studying macrocognitive processes in this context.

We first discuss an important set of key assumptions from team measurement theory that form a critical foundation for this model. We then describe the core definitions we suggest are foundational to the conceptualization of macrocognition in teams. We conclude with a description of the key dimensions and subcomponents of our model in order to lay the foundation for a principled approach to measuring and understanding macrocognition in teams. 

확실히 이 저널은 theoretical issues, 를 다루다 보니 원론적인 논문들이 주를 이룬다.

이건 매크로코그니션, 의 컨셉 자체를 정리해주는 페이퍼구나. 

2004년에 나온 Team Cognition 책의 에디터들, 닥터 피오레와 살라스 두 분이 다 저자로 이름을 올렸다. 

교수님이 이 저널은 HF에 비해 세컨 티어고, 아무래도 내 리뷰는 이론적인 이야기가 될 것 같으니

리뷰 논문은 여길 고려해보는 게 좋을 것 같다 그러셨는데, 

세컨 티어라는 저널에도 큰 이름들 뿐이라, 아무래도 위축되는 기분은 어쩔 수가 없군. 

오늘은 transcription 할 게 많은 관계로, 대강 훑어보고 킨들에 넣어둬야겠다. 

내일 운전하면서 text-to-speech로 들어야지. :-)

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Kennedy, D. M. & McComb, S. A. (2010) Merging internal and external processes: examining the mental model convergence process through team communication. Theoretical Issues in Ergonomics Science. 11(4). 340-358. 

Mental model convergence is a macrocognitive process critical to team development. Yet, little is known about how the convergence process occurs in a team domain. To date, researchers have examined convergence at specific points in time after performance episodes. While this approach has moved the field forward, research is needed that captures the dynamics of the convergence process as it occurs during collaborative activities. 

To facilitate this needed research, we present a framework for examining mental model convergence via communicated mental model content. Our framework is theoretically based on research in cognitive science and communication, as well as more recent team mental model research. By explicitly establishing the theoretical connection between mental model convergence and team communication, we extend the extant research that links communication and team cognition and address a gap in the team mental model literature regarding how to examine the mental model convergence process over time. 

팀 멘탈모델 자체보다는 그 형성 과정에 더 중점을 뒀다 이거지-? 
근데 난 왜 지금까지 멘탈모델 컨버젼스 프로세스 관련해선 읽은 게 없는거냐...쿨럭. 
일단 리뷰 잘 돼있는 것 같으니까, 이걸로 한 번 훑어보고 정리 좀 해야겠다. 

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